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F1 Express protein bar with chocolate flavor

F1 Express protein bar with chocolate flavor

The healthy food Formula 1 Express bar contains all the nutrients from a Formula 1 shake.

7 blocks in a box


Created with an excellent balance of key nutrients, including high levels of protein and fiber, linolenic acid and added vitamins and minerals.

Calorie control: about 207 kcal per block.

13 g of protein per block to help you build lean muscle mass.

One block contains 32% of the recommended daily dose of fiber.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Available in chocolate flavor.

No artificial preservatives.

Comfortable healthy food when on the go.


When you want to lose or control your weight, it is important to maintain a well-balanced diet. A healthy meal like Formula 1 helps control your calorie intake while providing you with important vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and protein.


Enjoy Formula 1 Express Block daily as a healthy meal choice.

Want an individual weight management program?

Formula 1 shakes are now the preferred solution for healthy eating for millions of people every day, helping them to achieve their weight management results to be proud of. Make your shake to your liking every day by adding your favorite fruits.

Need a comfortable and healthy solution when you're on the go?

Formula 1 Express bar is a convenient and healthy food when you are on the move and when consumed with enough water. Nutritional food opportunities should never be missed. Available in chocolate flavor. This is a tempting meal replacement to avoid all other calorie options when on the go.

This product is intended for use as part of a low-calorie diet and other foods, in combination with regular physical activity.